naughtyjessicathoughts: While I was still at …


While I was still at high school it was so easy to have sex with my bff Natalie as my parents never had any clue what we were doing in my bedroom as they didn’t know I was into other girls. They would never have let me be alone with a guy from school but if I was with Natalie in my room they completely left us alone. I spent so many evenings naked in bed with her, licking pussy, playing with homemade dildos, making each other cum again and again, with my parents downstairs completely oblivious to what was going on. I’m guessing they just thought we were studying, talking about boys, or just doing whatever teenage girls get up to. I remember one night were we played a game of who could take the biggest ‘cock’ inside us. The cocks were different sized cucumbers with condoms rolled over them. We would lay next to each other on my bed and fuck each other with our cucumber cocks starting with the smallest one and slowly moving up in size until we were fucking each other with giant green cocks. The girl who could take the biggest one the deepest would win. I always won 💋